Hey Zengarmy,

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance !!!
Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you either love or loathe, 
but no matter what's your sentiment for the day, 
it’s a wonderful excuse for a bit of special treatment. 

That doesn’t mean you need to be in a relationship to consider the day a success : 
you simply need a solid plan and a little imagination. 
If you were set on curling up on the couch, 
listening to Adele and crying over a glass of wine because you had no set plans, 
step away from the iPod NOW !! 

Alone, with your sweetheart or with a group of friends, 
here are 3 last-minute Valentine’s Day plans, 
that will save your mood and show your soul a little love.

1. A night of E&R :
Since you’ve probably already thrown on your sweats, 
make the night one of empowerment and relaxation. 
It’s likely you haven’t taken time to yourself lately and deserve a bit of pampering. 
Turn the night into one of rejuvenation and nourish your body with a calming bath. 
Then treat yourself with a simple sweet (tart, anyone?), 
because it will do more for you than a pint of Haagen Das. 
Lastly, throw on your favorite laugh-die-me DVD, 
for a self-esteem boost and a sense of empowerment.

2. Star gazing :
An evening of gazing at the sky is a perfect way 
to get close to your crush in more ways than one. 
It allows you to appreciate one of nature’s most beautiful elements, 
and hopefully love where you live a little more. 
The silent sky will also open you and your beau up for playful conversation 
and the crisp air means some cuddling may be in order. 
The best part? 
No reservations or exact location necessary – 
it’s a complete impromptu date! 

3. A shared experience :
A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day,
is to make everyone feel included and create a lasting memory. 
Invite your friends with no plans over and capture the night together! 
Whether creating a last minute photobooth backdrop, 
or making everyone in attendance write down someone they love and why, 
you can collect the picture and stories in a photo book for later. 
With this book you’ll always remember that love looks like many things, 
and is always around when with friends!

Hope you all have a fabulous 
Valentine’s Day!

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