Hey Zengarmy,

Welcome to my second "FOOD" related blog post woohoo !!!

Now, when it comes to "café hunting",
I'm probably not the best food blogger that you're looking for hahaha ...
( cause I don't take a lot of pro pictures lolz )
But anyway, if you prefer words than pictures,

So, I went to this café named "MBL : HQ" ,
which supposedly stands for 
"My Burger Lab : Head Quarter".

This burger-themed café is extremely popular in Malaysia,
as there's ONLY 3 BRANCH in the whole Malaysia !!
( sounds crazy isn't it ?!! )

And fortunately,

the headquarter is located in Bandar Sunway,
which is just a stone's throw away from my hostel !!!
( lucky me, I know. )
Here's the address :
NO.3, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Okay enough babbling, 

let's get started with the food review.

There are a few aspects that I like & a few that I dislike about this café.

First thing first,
the service is GOOD & SYSTEMATIC.
When I stepped into the café and started queuing up, 
the waiter himself came over to me with a blank paper,
and I was like : Errrrrr ... what the hell ?
Then he asked my name & my order,

and wrote them on the paper.

And then I was like : WOW that really saves time !!
All I had to do now, is to pay the money to the cashier,
and find a seat to wait for the turn of your order,
just like you're in the clinic.
(since he already pre-took my order !!)

S M A R T   A S S .

But then ... the price is really scary for me lah.
There's basically NOTHING BELOW RM10 !!!

So ... being the "kiamsiap" me as usual,

I ordered the cheapest Ala-Carte "Say Cheese" burger in the café
( which still cost me RM11.50 just for a burger without side dishes, wtf ?!! )

T H E   S T R U G G L E   I S   T O O   R E A L ,

H A H A H A H A H A H A .

Talking about the interior design ... I WASN'T QUITE IMPRESSED.

I just thought that it could be more artsy, but it turned out pretty normal.
Although there's a second floor, the café still looked kinda cramped & small.

I took this picture from the second floor, heheheh.

Since there's a second floor,

of course my friend and I went to upstairs lah.
But ... the moment we got up there,
we're instantly surrounded by stuffy & unventilated air.
( walao-eh, who got mood to enjoy the meal when the air-cond is not working ? )

But it's still not so bad lah,
at least the cooking smell from the kitchen downstairs is quite nice hahahahahaha
And then, when it's my turn,
I took the resit I got from the cashier when I paid earlier,
and went downstairs to redeem my food.

Since I didn't order the set,
it would be better to take photo of my friend's set
instead of my poor Ala Carte.

My friend's set. (burger + fries + drinks)

Sadly, the food didn't turn out to be super nice too.
( R U M O R   H A S   I T . )
The burger tasted kinda good, but the fries is not so on par.
McDonald's french fries by far is still the best one I've ever tasted, I'm sorry.
I was actually not so disappointed by this,
but one of my friend told me he's eaten cheaper burger that tastes better.

That's probably it.
I'm so done with this café hahahahaha.
( J U S T   K I D D I N G )

Till next time, Zengarmy.

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