Hey Zengarmy,

I assumed that you clicked into this blog post because

you agreed with me that life is unfair OR you're curious about
what in the name of hell makes me think that life is unfair.
If that's the case, gotcha! You got it right!

Have you ever had those moments when you think that
you've put in wayyy more effort into doing something compared to the others,
but when it comes to the results you surprisingly did worse than the others?
That happens to me as frequently as brushing my teeth every morning.

I'm usually not very good with dealing with negative emotions.
I sweat over small stuffs and get anxious when things don't go my way.
I never understood why some people can easily laugh off their problems.
One recent example that I can give to you is when I collected my
Psychology practical report this afternoon.

FYI, for the Psychology practical report that I'm working on,
the way it works is that I have to submit 3 times to the lecturer,
with each subsequent submissions requiring me to add more details
to my report (aka adding more graphs & explanations each time).
Today is the day of me collecting my second graded practical report.
I was pretty nervous since I got 7.6 out of 10 marks for my first submission.
Naturally, I hope I can do better & score higher marks for my second submission,
but when I got my second Psychology practical report back this afternoon,
I got a 5.75 out of 10 marks! A FREAKING 5.75 MARKS!!!!!!!!!!

I was stunned, astonished, and shocked, in a bad way.
Funnily, I merely spent a day finishing up my first report,
but for my second report I spent a week writing & rewriting it!
How unfair is it? When I put in more efforts I got lower marks?!
I was on the brink of tearing my second report into pieces when I first got it.

That reminds me of how unfair life is most of the time.
And you can either keep on complaining about it & decided to not put in
ANYMORE effort into everything you do because you believed that life will
sabotage you every time you put in effort into doing something,


You can retaliate every time life sabotages your plans.

You can be the one who've put in the most effort compared to the rest,
but if you don't retaliate every time life sabotages you,
literally NOBODY will know that you've put in the most effort!
I've seen those people who surrender every time life sabotages them.
And I'm not ashamed to admit here that during my depressed time,
I gave up on moving forward with my life because I thought that
life will sabotage everything that I do & there's no way fighting back.

BUT the lucky thing is, there's a way of fighting back!
There's always a way of fighting back every time life sabotages you!
When you've reached the LOWEST point in your life, you bounce back.
Here's a video that I've watched a few months ago that inspires me.

Sending virtual hugs to those of you who're having a bad day.
Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life.

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