Hey Zengarmy,

I feel like it's been 8 million years since I last did a music review on my blog!

Well, actually I've been secretly working on a few other blog posts including
my signature "Playlist of The Year", which you guys absolutely loved last year,
so technically my blog is still not too far astray from music stuff, phew!
If you know me, you'll know I love to discover new artists every now and then.
There's just something so satisfying and fun about discovering new music!!
Not that I hate Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Taylor Swift or any other pop stars,
but sometimes I do get tired of hearing mainstream songs from the radio hahah!

So, back to our topic, today I'm going to introduce to you : AURORA.

Aurora? who dat? I believe MOST of you guys haven't even heard this name before,
but girl let me reassure to you that this is the name that you wouldn't want to miss!
I first heard of Aurora when her music video popped up in my YouTube suggestion page.
(by now you should've already know that I'm overly obsessed with YouTube)

Her voice is literally the hybrid between Lorde and Lana Del Rey.
Her voice is very clear and soulful to the extend that it can pierce through you.
There's a special "story-telling" vibe in her voice that attracts me to listen to her.
Can't get enough of Aurora's voice? Here are a few more of her songs to quench your thirst!

Obsessed with this girl. She is such a pure talent!
I'm particularly mad in love with her latest single "Half The World Away",
it feels like it should be featured in a super-sad romance movie hahahah!
Do share this blog post with your friends so that MORE people can discover her!
And let me know what you think of her music in the comment section below :D
See you in my next one, Zengarmy!

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