Hey Zengarmy,

Sometimes people tell me :
"Wow, you have a really nice blog" bla bla bla.
Thinking about it, all I do is whine, whine on my blog.
Is it whining? Maybe not...
Maybe just spreading senseless, foolish emotions to people.
People think I'm a good example but I'm a bad influence.
I'm 18, I can't get my shit together.
I'm sad today, I don't know how to feel better.
I just want to sit here alone until I feel better.
( Welcome to my life )

The world is starting to confuse "being famous" with "making a mark". 
These days being famous is relatively easy, 
compared to the days when we didn’t have TV or the internet (says Grandma!). 
Nowadays you upload a video of yourself falling off of a table,
 or your nan’s teeth falling out of her head, 
it goes viral and suddenly your name and face are known worldwide. 
Yes, that’s fame but no one’s false teeth or skills are falling over made a real mark. 
That hasn’t changed lives or made people want to do something with their existence. 
It’s not made anyone feel anything, other than “That Was Well Funny!”. 

I have a YouTube channel.
But the strange thing is : I seldom talk about it in my real life.
Not because I'm not proud of it, but because it's something personal for me.
Few of the most frequently asked questions about my YouTube channel are :

"Why do you want to start a YouTube channel?"
"Do you start it because you are too free?"
"Do you start it because you wanna be famous?"

Hell no.
I started a YouTube channel because I love singing.
Although I may not have the best voice in the world, but I love it.
One of the strange thing that I noticed is :
When your videos start to get more views, bad comments & dislikes appear.
So ... is it really a good idea to be famous ???

I doubt it.

Making a mark is about saying something new that no one’s said before,
or saying something old in a new way. 
It’s about saying something you truly believe in with passion and conviction, 
that you really think is going to change the world for the better. 
Making a mark doesn’t even have to be on a worldwide scale for it to truly matter. 
Just because your face isn’t on T-shirts or tattooed across someone’s forehead, 
it doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a mark or a difference on the people around you.

By doing good deeds, being generous, giving to good causes, smiling more, 
being happy towards people that may not expect it … ,
it all adds up and amounts to a person that people will remember strongly
as the person who was always happy, giving, kind etc. 
And when I say “People” … I mean the people that truly matter.
We spend forever searching for the approval of strangers, 
people we don’t actually know on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, *coughs* Tumblr … , 
but we often ignore the opinions of the people we should be listening to. 
How many times have you guys heard yourselves say something along the lines of :

"But you HAVE to say that because you’re my Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife…"

If anything, they’re more likely to be honest! 
They’re the ones that tell you when you have something stuck in you’re teeth, 
or that your dress is tucked into your knickers. 
Sometimes they even go out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable, 
because you’re just THAT close. 
They don’t mind making you feel stupid or being completely blunt with you, 
because they know you’re still going to love them because they’re family !

I’ve always thought about how everyone is the centre of a ripple. 
The ring immediately around you is your family and closest friends. 
The next ring are people you'll call acquaintances or the friends of your closest friends and family, 
and the rings after that are strangers 
( or friends of friends of friends of friends … ). 
The point is, the ripples spread outwards, 
and carry with it whatever you choose to put in the water. 
You do something good towards the immediate ring, 
your family and friends and they’ll tell it to their own immediate rings, 
who will filter that through to their immediate rings and so on and so forth. 
So when those friends of friends of friends finally meet you, 
they’ll say “OH so you’re the person who did that super cool thing!”. 

The kind of fame that comes quick and easy isn’t usually associated with good things.
 (There are exceptions but it’s not usual.) 
It’s probably not the kind of fame you want. 
I don’t agree with aiming to be famous either but that is just personal preference. 
I feel that we should all be aiming to do something that makes a difference, 
that makes people remember us for a good reason, 
rather than just becoming a name on people’s lips for a day or a week or two. 
My advice is to aim to be remembered rather than famous, 
because being remembered requires effort that lasts long term. 

Be remembered for the good you did, 
rather than having fifteen minutes of fame 
for something that didn’t really matter. 

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