Today is a rather emotional day for me.
( you guys can probably guess from the title already )
Yes. Today is the LAST DAY OF CLASS of my entire A-Level course,
and then I just had to sit for the final exam, and then ......


I wasn't actually expecting myself to be grieving over this "goodbye" thing at first, to be honest.
The main reason is probably because I felt so detached from all the
"college-is-ending-so-we-must-reveal-that-deep-down-we-love-everybody" thinking.
I also wasn't on close terms with many new acquaintances that I met during this course.
Being a naturally sour-faced introvert,
it's kind of normal that people will just skip over me when they're
choosing "new force" to be added to their team, lol.
Although it sounds pathetic, I don't actually mind being ignored lah.
( I kinda enjoy it, surprisingly )

A lot of things had happened during this past 1.5 years.
I turned 18. I started this blog with over 17k readers by now.
And I started a YouTube channel with over 6k total views by now.
It's been a crazy journey with all the ups and downs all this while,
since I first set my foot in college.

It wouldn't be fair to say that I would not miss all of the people
that I've met and knew during this past 1.5 years.
I will never ever forget the first time I met my new A-Level classmates,
especially my first "hi-can-I-borrow-your-notes-?" friend, Samuel.
He is also a quiet person (which is very in common with me),
so we kinda clicked on very fast, and I guess that's the reason
why he's my first friend, hahahahaha.

And then as time passed day by day, more classmates started to talk to me.
(not like those "nice-to-meet-you-where-you've-been?" kind of talking, but those real talking.)
One of them is M (whom I've mentioned in my previous blog post).
I only get to really chat with her when I was in the 3rd semester, I think,
when she somehow sat beside me in the lab during Chemistry practical.
I decided to use her initial "M" as an unknown on that previous blog post
because I know that she reads my blog ocassionally,
and I somehow feel like I need to respect her privacy.
(just in case she doesn't feel up to be featured in my blog post)

However, since today is the last day of our classes,
I think it's time to reveal her name lah hahaha.
Her name is Ming.
( hi, if you are reading this )

And there are more people that I wish to write in this blog post as well.

There's Jing, Dayan & Jason who formed a strong bond with Ming as a ...
I don't know, "Fantastic Four", maybe? (LOLZ)
For some reason, I felt more secured when they're in the class hahaha.
And then there's Kin Yik, "Triple C", Tiong Ee & Zet Wei,
who always sit in the front row to answer the teachers' question to save the rest.
And then there's the "Good Kids Club" which includes Hui Mei, William, Kimberly & Yoke Lynn ...

And the only two couples in the class, Sumin & Danial and Kelly & Jing An ...
And Ju Ling, the girl with the "excited" voice ...
And Evan the "small kid" ...
And Kenny & Jason Q, the happy-go-lucky-guy ... And so many of them ...
Damn. There are so many of them whom I want to record in this blog post, hahaha.

Okay. I'm totally writing crap right now.

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