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Hey Zengarmy,

Who else is excited for 2016?! *screaming at E minor for 10 seconds*

Since the hashtag of #2015bestnine is now trending on Instagram,
I thought I would do one on my blog & share it with you guys!

If you didn't know yet, the hashtag #2015bestnine is dedicated to
nine of your most liked photos on your Instagram account from 2015.
Fortunately, you DO NOT have to go and find all of the 9 photos yourself!
(Phew!) You can head over to www.2015bestnine.com to generate it!

The website is completely free to use, all you had to do is to enter your
Instagram account username and ... VOILA! The site will think for a moment
and then return a photo consist of nine of your most liked photos from 2015.

On the side note, the website will also calculate the total amount
of likes on all of the Instagram photos that you've posted in 2015!
I was quite astonished when I saw the number —— 35,081?!
That's bloody hell a lot to me! Thank you to those who've been
following my Instagram since the very beginning, and of course
those who liked my photos even when I spammed a lot hahaha!
Arigatou gozaimasu!

( That's thank you in Japanese, if you're wondering. )

Now, of course I can just stop here and end this post,

BUT YOU KNOW ME, home boy ain't gonna just stop here!
I'm going to bring you along with me as I go down the memory lane
talking about each of my 9 most liked Instagram photos in 2015 ;)

When I posted this, I never expected it to be getting 200++ likes.
I was with my best friends at one of my favorite dessert shops, Haraju Cube.
I actually wrote a food review on Haraju Cube, so you can click HERE to read it!
I remember this was the first time I went to this shop, and I had a great time!
The caption is ... OBVIOUSLY a snippet of lyrics from Carly Rae Jepsen's
Run Away With Me ;) Good music and carbs never fail to cheer me up!

A photo posted by Z E N G T E C K 🍕 (@zengteck) on

This is another of my favorites! (How can I not love this?!)
I took this picture on my grandpa's birthday, look how lovely they are!
Although my grandma and grandpa will fight over silly things like TV console,
it is undeniable that the love between these two lovebirds is something precious.
The heart & dialogue frame is from one of my go-to editing app called Picmonkey.

A photo posted by Z E N G T E C K 🍕 (@zengteck) on

This photo of me was taken by my friend Kiar when the new library in my university
has just been finished building! I may look candid & effortless in this, BUT let's be real,
I spent almost half an hour trying to think of a pose that looks candid & effortless!
We took a few shots (by few I mean almost 50 photos in the same background)
and this is one of my favorites! Go ahead and roll your eyes, hahahahahah!

A photo posted by Z E N G T E C K 🍕 (@zengteck) on

Look at the pillowwwwsssss!!!
I took this at a shop called Yubiso, where they sell cute little things.
It's kind of like the one-dollar-shop Daiso, but with less variety of stuffs.

Can we all just appreciate how good-looking this pancake was?!
But honest speaking, it tastes okay. Good but not heavenly good haha.
I took this photo at a cafe when I've just finished recording a cover
in my friend Kelson's school's studio. It was such a fun-packed day!
I met Sara and a few others who're equally passionate about music,
& this was the day when I realize music DOES connect people together.

A photo posted by Z E N G T E C K 🍕 (@zengteck) on

Another of my absolute favorite shots.
Edited via my trustworthy Picmonkey!

By now you should've already learned this :
My strategy = take multiple photos at once & post them separately!
This photo was taken exactly at the same time as the "galaxy ice cream",
and what you don't know about the story behind this photo is that
I was having a pretty rough day —— I had an anxiety attack that day!
I was feeling poor & sorry for myself, hence I decided to go and get an
ice cream to cheer myself up. (Remember the good music & carbs theory?)

A photo posted by Z E N G T E C K 🍕 (@zengteck) on

This photo was taken by my cousin, Wei! :)
She was kind enough to treat me to this afternoon tea feast at TWG,
that otherwise I could never have imagined myself to be able to be enjoying!
It was such a fun afternoon catching up with Wei, talking about my aspiration
and her life after giving birth to her beautiful baby daughter, Nana.

A photo posted by Z E N G T E C K 🍕 (@zengteck) on

Nothing much to say about this actually.
It's the same location as my third one kerker!

That's a wrap for today's blog post!
Hope you enjoyed reading this! I sure have had fun writing this :D
Check out my Instagram if you wish to see more of my photos,
and don't forget to leave the link to your blog post if you happened to
or are planning to blog about the same #2015bestnine topic as mine!
I would love to read that ;) As always, see you in my next one! Bye!


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