Hey Zengarmy,

This blog post is a complete opposite to my previous blog post.

I know. It's crazy how a person's mood can swing between 2 poles.
A week ago I was still a sad sod feeling sorry for himself, & then,
in a week's time, I totally became somebody who feels invincible!
Hormones? I think so. Bless all the teenagers undergoing puberty!

Since I've been off from this blog for the entire last week,
I think it's only fair if I make this blog post into a life update
of what I've been thinking & doing last week, AND TRUST ME,
there's a lot of exciting things currently happening in my life!

So, I'm currently having my semester break (WOOP WOOP!),
& I've got a couple of exciting YouTube projects in the progress,
which I can't tell you the exact details yet or else it might spoil
the fun, but I could share with you some #BTS of the projects!

PS : BTS = Behind The Scene, for those of you who didn't know.

Okay, where should I start first?

So, I can't remember the exact date, but back in February,
I was approached by a YouTuber from the Monash University
who wants to do a YouTube collaboration with me. So crazy!
His channel name is The Sam Mojo, and the video quality on his
channel is insanely beautiful! Click HERE to check out his channel!

Fast forward to last Friday (11th March), we finally met up in real life
after several conversations on Facebook Messenger to make sure that
he's not a conman or merely a figment of my imagination! (I'm kidding!)
But seriously though, please be extra careful if you're meeting somebody
that you knew online for the first time in real life. We chose to meet up
at Subway in the afternoon, which is obviously always crowded of people.

Turns out, The Sam Mojo is actually a team of 3 members,
which consists of Samuel, his girlfriend, & his friend Brandon.
We had a short conversation about our music inspirations & it
was slightly awkward (as predicted), since it was only our first
meet up in real life. However, I feel like we had a really good
connection between us, as we quickly came to an agreement
that we respect each other's point of view and are ready to
collaborate with each other. What impresses me the most is
that they wanted to film the collab video fully based on my
personality, which means that they're going to infuse all of the
stories about myself (that I've told them) into the collab video!
We ended up picking a filming venue and date that we're both
quite happy with (and it's real soon!) so definitely stay tuned!

On the other hand, I've decided to do another YouTube collaboration
with my other friend Kelson, which I'm pretty sure you guys know him,
since he had appeared in a couple of my previous posts on this blog!
I'm not going to disclose too much details, but here's a sneak peek :

Last week has been a chaotic one, but I've never felt happier than before.
I feel like I'm slowly opening up to all of the possible opportunities coming
at my face, and that's what makes me feeling invincible! All the haters who're
constantly trying to bring me down & convince me that I can achieve nothing?
I'm saying goodbye to y'all piece of shits. You can't hurt me no more. No more.

( I'm just trying to be sassy here. Don't mind if I do. )

It's time for me to move on. Towards happiness.


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