Hey Zengarmy,

I've been feeling better since my last panic attack.
No depression, no anxiety, but I'm not in a good mood either.
HOWEVER, I'm blogging today to make myself feel better kerkerker :)
I've been receiving a lot of blog post requests on my social medias.
Some of you guys are DYING to know how I edit my Instagram photos,
or what apps did I use to edit my photos, and so on.

I had actually wrote another blog post previously

on the same topic :


Do take a look hehehehe ;)

Back to the topic.
Most of the time when people ask me on Instagram:
" What app hah ? "
I'll tell them that I use PicMonkey to edit my photos.
But today I'm going to recommend a few of my current favorite
photo editing apps on my phone, so that people can STOP asking me
the SAME question over and over and over and over AGAIN.
(just a mini rant, hahahahaha.)

A little disclaimer here though,
is that I'm NOT using iPhone, (sad I know)
so some of the apps that I recommend may not be available for iOS.
However, I do know that apps like Vscocam and AfterLight,
which are only available for iOS, are REALLY GOOD !!! ✌ ✌ ✌
so don't worry lah you are not missing out hehehe.


▼ ▼ ▼

1. Catwang

If you're a cat lover like me,

then Catwang is you best friend for life.
However, one thing that I hate about this app is that
if you don't UPGRADE TO PRO VERSION (you have to pay money for it),
you will have no access to the "exclusive items",
(which I've never seen because I never pay)
which makes your choice really limited,

because you can only use the "classic items".

But honest speaking,
classic items are good enough for me lah hahaha.
What I usually like to do is :
1. put a cat face emoji on my face, or
2. put a "catwang" signature banner on my lips, or
3. put a pizza emoji on my lips, or

2. ShiiOverlays

Featuring "doodly & handwritten" type of stickers,

ShiiOverlays is one of my obsession at the moment.
The icons that I usually used is :
1. Orange Icon,
2. Black Icon,
3. Color icon, and
4. some of the White Icon.


I seldom use the "4th Icon", "5th Icon", and the "Emotion New",
because they look quite messy, and I always believe that "less is more".

One thing that I hate about this app is that

it keeps asking you to VOTE 5 STARS for it when you're quitting the app.
Like seriously, it made me sibeh dulan (super annoyed) everytime.

3. Colorful

If you have a fetish for Black & White Instagram photos,
you might want to consider this app as your new favorite photo editor.
"Colorful" is basically an app that converts your pictures to B&W,
BUT allowing you to reveal the actual color by brushing with your finger !!!
(sounds difficult, actually NOT)

▲ Okay, the moment you open the app (without wi-fi),
you're going to see this on your screen,
BUT don't freak out, just click on the leftest icon ;)

▲ Then choose the "Album" to access your gallery.

▲ I often choose "Full Size" instead of "Square",
because cutting of your image into "instagrammable" size
can always be done later.

▲ Okay here comes the FUN part.
All you have to do now is to play around with your finger on the screen.
I showed an example, by brushing my finger across the screen,
and POOF, the original color of my skin reappear while the rest is B&W.

FYI, you can adjust the size of the brush & the size of the picture,
and you can always erase what's wrongly done.
Now all you need is some IMAGINATION & FINGER-BRUSHING SKILL ;)

4. Aillis
( or previously known as "LINE Camera" )

I got in touch with this app not too long ago,

and I've been obsessed with it EVER SINCE.
If you follow me on my INSTAGRAM ,
you might notice that my recent photos are

largely invaded by stamps from this app.

▼ ▼ ▼

A photo posted by ✧ Z E N G T E C K ✧ (@zengteck) on

A photo posted by ✧ Z E N G T E C K ✧ (@zengteck) on

Very cute isn't it ??!
hahahahaha #buaypaiseh

H E R E ' S   H O W   T O   D O   I T  :

5. MeituPic

Okay. A little confession here.
I downloaded this app purely for one reason :
I only use this app for one effect :
"The Mosaic Effect".

▲ See that ?! This effect is insane !!!

6. PhotoWonder

I kinda introduced this app in many of my previous blog posts already,
so I'll just write less in this section lolz.
I basically just use this app for its filter,
I'm recently falling in love with the filter "Art",
which you can easily find under :
Effect >> LOMO >> Art

If you're one of my old blog readers,
you'll know that I had been using the filter "Valencia" from Instagram quite frequently,
but I stopped using it because it kinda makes my skin looks yellower than in real life,

7. Photo Grid

Most of the people think that :
Which is not true, because you can easily convert pictures in the ratio of 4:3,
or any shape of pictures into square size (1:1).

This can be done by :
Grid >> Choose 1 photo >> Instagram it !!!
Grid >> Choose multiple photos (max 15) >> Collage >> Instagram it !!!

I also discovered that some of the "Template" by Photo Grid are also quite nice,
all you had to do is to click the "Template" at the menu,
go over to "New Stuff" to download some templates that you like,
then click on the templates that you downloaded,
and VOILA !!! You're done.

8. PicsArt

This app has too much thing to be discovered.
I'll leave it to you.

9. B612

This app is STRICTLY for selfie purpose.
I don't use this app that frequently,
but it has A LOT OF filters available,
and one thing that I like about this app is that:
Every time you open this app,
random filters will be used !!!
That means you have NO idea what filter is going to pop out,
and this proposed a lot of fun for me.

Hope you find this blog post useful.
I tried not to make it sound boring,
but recommending apps is really a boring task to do ;P
I probably need to go and get some rest now kerkerker.

Till next time, Zengarmy.


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    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and
    I look forward to your new updates.

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