Hey Zengarmy,

So, if you follow me on my Instagram,
you probably would have already know that I changed my smartphone very recently,
because my old smartphone (Sony Ericsson)

( can you believe that there's still people like me, using Sony ERRICSON ?! )

And then, being the typical technology moron as usual,

I experienced a period of conflict,
where I can't decide which smartphone I'm going to purchase.
My initial instinct is to buy an iPhone
( please don't ask me why, because EVERYBODY is using it !!! )
But in the end, after considering the 'budget pressure",
I decided to give up the idea of getting an iPhone,
and instead, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Alpha 5 

there are 3 sizes available for this model,
including the small screen (A3),
medium screen (A5), and big screen (A7).
And since I'm neither a fan of smartphones with Big Screens
nor a fan of smartphones with Small Screens,
I decided to go for the Medium Screens.

For now,

The price range for Samsung Galaxy Alpha series is approximately around :
RM900++ for A3
RM1100++ for A5
RM1400++ for A7
(including the screen protector, charger, earphones & phone case)
( I wouldn't dare to say that the price will be forever like this. )

P.S. : Just a side note to inform you,
be sure to check your e-Warranty Samsung sticker before purchasing
to prevent yourself from buying the pirated version.

Let's start off with the product review, shall we ?

I'll first start with the MOST interesting part, of course.

There's this "Smart Stay" button that allows

the screen to stay as long as I'm looking at it.
So fancy, but I don't really need to use it,
just to be completely frank to you guys LOL.

Other fancy functions coming next ...
▼ ▼ ▼

Sadly, I don't even know how to use these functions, to be honest hahaha.
Guess I'll just have to ignore them all first.

Moving on to the AUDIO part (a.k.a. my favorite) !!!

I love how the originally default tabs & playlists can be altered to your favour,
because we don't really need that much of default tabs & playlists aren't we ?
( too many default tabs & playlist are "a sore to my eyes" )

This new function called "SoundAlive" really excites me !!!
You can actually customize the music audio 
according to your ear -
even the audio of phone calls !!!

For music wise,

there are 5 effects which you can add on to your original audio :
Tube amp , Virtual 7.1 ch , Small room , Large room & Concert room.
I personally recommend trying the "Tube amp" effect or the "Concert room" effect,

as the former effect will enhance the quality of your original audio,
and the latter effect will emphasize the echo of your original audio,
so that you'll feel like you're literally in a concert !!!

Last but not least, the CAMERA part !!!

WHAT ?!!!
You literally just have to show your palm to the front camera
F O R   2   S E C O N D S ,
and your front camera will automatically take a selfie for you !!!

There're also a few other built-in camera effects :
▼ ▼ ▼

That's probably all for now hehehe.

Sorry for my not-so-organized product review LOL
( this is my first time writing a product review so errr ...... )
Anyway, I'll try to keep you guys posted for any new updates yo !!!
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