Hey Zengarmy,

I'm quite in the mood of ranting today, 
so here you go! A rant blog post it is!
Do you ever get pissed off when people told you that you've changed?
"I like the old you better!" "You've changed!" "I don't know YOU anymore!"
You know what that sounds like? It sounds like BULLSHIT to me ;)
Growing up, I used to hate it when people told me that I've changed.

I feel guilty whenever people said that. It feels like I've done something wrong.
Some people are very good at making people feeling guilty. My advice to you?
Stay the hell away from them!

I once read from a psychology article that depression, in most cases,

originates from the humiliation and guiltiness people get from childhood,
and this makes those people who like to say "I like the old you better"
10 times more sinful!
*being very exclamation-marky today hahaha*

If there's one thing that I've learned through growing up,

it's that : change is inevitable and good for us in most of the cases.
Knowing that, I now feel proud of myself whenever people told me
that I've changed, because it feels more like I've achieved something,
rather than disappointing other people and being a letdown to everybody.

When I first started my blog & YouTube channel,
a lot of people around me (including friends & family) don't get it.
All they think is that I'm a fame-wannabe and that's it. But is that really so?
And then, as predicted, I was told that "they like the old me better".
I mean, seriously? Come on. It's 2015! Grow up!
People who stayed in the same mindset for years and years?
Are they going to be likeable for being "loyal"?
Or are they going to be eliminated by the society for being not adaptable?
Think about it, people.

One of the reasons that ignited the fire in me to write this blog post
is because I recently noticed a group of people bashing certain YouTubers
for making videos out of their normal niche to reach out to new audience.
"I don't like where her channel is going." "She's trying too hard."

Take Michelle Phan for instance,
she started her channel with beauty tutorials videos, but now she shifts her
focus onto lifestyle videos, which is a good transformation for me,
but hugely disapproved by her older viewers who live for her beauty videos.
I feel like it's such a shame that some people react to changes in such a negative way.
Why can't people just be happy for others instead of criticizing?

I can't believe I'm still up at this hour.
It's 12:30 in the morning right now.
It's way past my bed time.
Sorry for the unorganized ideas in this blog post.
I'm just a really tired blogger who tries to blog at late night.

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