Hey Zengarmy,

My past few weeks had been congested with assignments,

assignments and oh, you guessed it right : ASSIGNMENTS !!!
University life have been taking a toll on my blogging schedule :(
Hence here I am today, sitting down on my bed with a cup of hot tea,
trying to make up for my blogging fallacy by blogging about my BFF ;)

I believe everybody has a friend whom you can tell shameless jokes to,
and talk about ridiculous inside jokes that only God knows what it is...
(Sounds familiar, huh? I bet.) And luckily I found somebody like that.
Before continue reading, please watch this awkward video
that I tried to record with my "best friend" not too long ago :)

 PS : Ziar = Zeng Teck + Kiar 

My friend Kiar everybody. Most of you will know him by now,
as I’m sure he’s made quite the appearance in my previous blog posts.
This blog post (together with the video) is dedicated to some of you guys
that might be curious about how we met, and how we know each other. :)
It’s a pretty simple beginning & started back in 2009 when Kiar and I
can't stop joking about a teacher that talks about coffin in the class (not joking)!
We studied in the same high school (but different class) for 5 consecutive years,
but funnily enough, we're not very close friends until I did my A-levels in 2014.
In turn, I became addicted to his positive attitude to absolutely EVERYTHING.
He is one of those people, that make you smile, even on the worst of days.
(I’m not saying this for cheese-effect, that’s literally a fact!)

I don’t think I know ANYBODY that is as positive and uplifting as Kiar is.
We can sit and laugh for hours, so much so, that I tend to get pulled
stomach muscles almost every time we had a conversation (not even joking).
He’s also always there in times of need & is one of the only people
who truly understands my insecurities & anxiety & how it affects my life,
I’ll never be able to express how amazing Kiar is in one blog post.
It’s so important to appreciate the people in your life that make such a huge difference, 
and Kiar is one of these people, probably more than he will ever take credit for.

Now let’s all celebrate amazing friends in our lives!
Hip Hip Hooray!

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