Hey Zengarmy,

Okay. This is just going to be a quick blog post because I just
finished watching two consecutive movies in a row on the same day!
#LivingMyLifeOnTheEdge, I know I know. Nothing to be ashamed of ;)
As I mentioned in my last blog post, assignment attacks had been bugging me,
causing a deprivation of movies in my life for about 2 weeks, without my knowing.
So when I figured out that Everest, Hotel Transylvania, and The Martian are all
up in cinemas this week, I decided to watch all 3 of them in a week because
I CAN WAIT NO MORE !!!!!!!!!!

PS : I only watched Everest & The Martian today, if you're curious.

I'm still considering whether to watch Hotel Transylvania or not.

I first heard of The Martian by its novel, which is recommended
by Estee Lalonde (better known as Essie Button on YouTube).
However, I can't seem to find the book in any of the bookstores,
hence explaining the reason why I didn't read the book first.
I would, actually read the book first if I get the book first,
since normally books are better than movies, don't you agree?

Having said that, this movie didn't disappoint me at the slightest!
It actually meets all my expectations that I had before watching the movie,
which is the best kind of feeling in the world! (apart from ice cream, obviously.)
However, I shall acknowledge you that the length of the movie is 2 hours ++,
which, if you are a lover of sci-fi movies, should be of no problem at all,
but if you're those kind of people who fall asleep in the cinemas,
you might want to consider watching another movie :)

I haven't watched Hotel Transylvania yet, so I can't do any comparison,
but after watching both Everest and The Martian on the same day,
I can obviously tell you that The Martian wins by quite a large margin!
I'm not sure if it's just me or what, but I actually feel kinda bored
when I was watching Everest (even though I watched it before The Martian).
I would definitely recommend The Martian over Everest if you're having
trouble of picking which movie you should watch this weekend.

So, basically, The Martian is about the story of an astronaut stranded
on Mars because he got accidentally left behind by his crew in a storm.
When everybody thought he was dead, he actually didn't.
This movie actually gave quite a decent insight about an astronaut's job,
which for me, is very intriguing and enlightening to watch at the same time.
The whole movie is actually about the struggles & conflicts that the main
character encountered, and how he came up with lots of WOW resolutions
again and again without giving up every time he meets new challenges.
With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit
to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

Matt Damon & Jessica Chastain are definitely my favorites in this movie!
Matt Damon, being the leading role, obviously pulled off his character
effortlessly, while Jessica Chastain as Commander Lewis in this movie
gave a strong performance too! Other supporting roles including Kate Mara did well
too, but not so impressionable as compared to Matt Damon & Jessica Chastain.
I just can't get over with how lovable the character Mark Watney is!
Matt Damon absolutely did a good job in portraying the quick-witted,
resourceful, charming, and persevered kind of character that Mark Watney has.

[ 8 out of 10 for this movie! ]

You'll know what this means if you watched the movie.


Okay. Stop reading further anymore if you don't want movie spoilers.
There are a few times that I almost cried out of anxiety because
I'm scared that Mark couldn't make it to the Earth or died halfway,
I was thinking like "I'm going to be so pissed off if he dies. He better not!"
but thank god he finally did make it to Earth, which logically should be lah!
If not I don't know how the novel is going to end since I heard that the novel
is in the first person point of view instead of third person point of view.

If you have other movie recommendations,
leave it in the comment section to tell me!

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