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Today's blog post will be a netflix-and-chill one —— short and sweet! ;)

Since I hadn't blogged about much fashion-and-style-related-stuff last year,
I thought I'd dedicate this post to 6 of my most-worn fashion pieces in 2015!


When it comes to top, checkered button-up is my absolute go-to,
because it's so easy to style with & it looks good on skinny guys like me!
If you wanna look presentable without looking like you're trying too hard
to impress other people (especially guys who ask girls for the first date),
you can never go wrong with a black and white checkered button-up.
A tip here is to find one made of thinner fabric (aka less stiff),
preferably a flannel shirt kind of fabric. Trust me on this one.
Keep it casual and comfy (and fun!). The key point to this look
is you don't wanna look like you're wearing this to the office.


Sometimes I get asked: "Why do you always like to wear monochrome?"
And all I could think of is: "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour!"
Yes. Wearing black and white (and sometimes a little bit of blue) can be boring,
but the thing with wearing monochrome is that you NEVER have to worry about
mis-matching or wrong colour combination, black and white and blue just match!
I don't have to wake up in the morning be like "hmm do I wear purple or yellow today?"
It's just too much effort, people. I could get another 10 minutes of quality sleep
instead of turning my wardrobe upside down early in the morning trying to find
that yellow sweater to pair with purple khaki pants. (See? I suck at pairing colours!)


White button-up! Although highly stainable, (try ketchup if you don't believe me)
white button-up is a highly investable fashion item in your wardrobe for all seasons.
I admit. It gets boring with white button-up once you wore it like 3 times in a row,
hence you need to add on layers & accessories to white button-ups from time to time.
I like to pair it with sweaters or basically anything that adds to the texture of the look.

If you know me, you'll know that I'm a denim guy.
Reasons? I don't have to freak out if it wrinkles! (cause it won't)
And on top of that (better still), I don't have to wash it that often!



Can we all take a moment to appreciate how good looking these models are?
Ahem. I mean, can we all appreciate how good looking these denims are?
It's crazy how different shades of denim shirts can create different looks!
Denim shirt is a good investment for your wardrobe because of it's versatility.
You can either wear it straight on, or use it as a jacket on a white tank top!


There's not much explanation for this section, apart from the fact that
I've been wearing the SAME pair of shoes from January to December.


A hat is basically a MUST for when you're having a bad hair day.

That's it —— short and sweet! A yearly review for my 2015 fashion staples!
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I shall see you guys in my next one :)

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