Hey Zengarmy,

Happy New Year! I hope you're having champagne as you're reading this!

(and if you're not drinking, don't be sad, because I'm not drinking either!)
Okay. Since this is my first post in 2016, I wanted to make it a special one.
In today's blog post, I'm going to do some self-reflection & talk about the
mistakes that I've made in 2015, as well as my new-year resolutions for 2016.

Without further ado, let's begin!

1) I cared too much about
what other people think.

If you're trying to please everyone on planet Earth,
good luck doing that, because GURL, it is simply impossible!
You just have to realize that some people are going to hate
on you NO MATTER what you do, and that's exactly normal.

Believe it or not, learning how to be badass & say NO to
other people is still something that I'm working on —— It's hard!
When you decided not to care so much about what other people think,
you either (a) become a bitch, or (b) become a Man with Principle.
And the truth is, some people are really going to think that you're
a bitch when all you do is trying to become a Man with Principle!

My advice? Give no fuck to them :)

Kick those people out of your mind as forcefully
as you'll kick somebody mean out of your house.
Your brain will thank yourself in the long run! :)

2) I let numbers defined me.

I'm actually guilty on this one. I don't think we can EVER deny
the fact that numbers are literally everywhere in our lives :

the money in your wallet,
your weight on the scale,
the marks on your report card,
the number of followers on your Instagram,
the number of likes on your Facebook posts ...

Sounds familiar?

And that's exactly the reason! Because it's there,
it's very hard for us to not let numbers define us.
Do numbers define a person's existential value?

Yes, maybe, but probably just 10% —— I learned this in a hard way!

You can define a person's value by the effort he/she puts in work,
or the way he/she treats other people, but the number of followers
and likes are probably the last thing you need to define a person's value.

3) I wasted too much time on 
negative people & thoughts.

Negative thoughts are like hamster wheel,
the more you try to get out of it,
the harder it is to snap out of it.

It is not until recently that I have realized that doing nothing
is the best tactic to deal with negative thoughts & people.
Do not try to reason with haters, you are no jackass whisperer!
When you keep dwelling on negativity, you won't be happy —— YOU CAN'T!

The mindset of self-victimization is actually one of my biggest weakness.
I'm guilty of confessing this but all of my closest friends actually know this :
I always think of the worst outcome in every scenario!

As described by my friend, "I'm very great at imagining things, especially bad ones."
I actually blogged about this several times in a couple of my previous blog posts.
Imagination is one of the few things that majorly contributes to my anxiety.
For instance, I would freak out at the smallest things such as a gesture/glare
from strangers, and often overthink & overemphasize them into something nasty.

I know, stop rolling your eyes, come on.
In 2016, focusing on positivity will be one of my top new year resolutions!

4) I spent too much effort on 
social media.

Speaking of social media, it's another of my weakness, hands down!
You can always find me lurking on Instagram or YouTube when
I'm in my natural habitat (aka my bedroom), and this, my friend,
serves me no good in improving my real-life social skills.

Not saying that online social skill is not important (they are important!),
but in 2016 I really wish to brush up my social skills in real life, besides
balancing out my digital life by spending less time online than in 2015.
However, this doesn't mean that I would quit all my social media.

(over my dead body!)

It's just that I felt the need to experience more things in life,
tangible things in real life, such as live concerts & roadtrips.
In 2015, I actually went to not one BUT TWO concerts!
and gurl let me tell ya' : I AM LOVING IT !!

I'll leave the links to those vlogs & blog posts here ;)





5) I lost sight of what I've 
already own!

In conclusion of the 4 previous mistakes that I've made, this is the result!
Because of my insecurities, I compared myself with other people on a daily basis,
and was constantly trying to prove that I'm better than other people (duh!),
when actually, ALL I NEED TO DO is to count my own blessings & be contented.

Again, not saying that you shouldn't aim higher & reach for the stars.
In fact, aiming higher than our capabilities is actually good for us!
But, remember, too much of a good thing is bad! Keep that in mind!

 Now, onto the next part! 

In 2016, I've made myself 6 new-year resolutions to be fulfilled :

1) Speak more English, louder & more confidently.

2) Care less about what other people think.

3) Focus on positive things (including small ones).

4) Start saving up money.

5) Be grateful of what I've already own.

6) Forgive myself for my past mistakes.

That basically sums up this blog post!
I'll see you in my next one, hopefully very soon! ;)


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