Hey Zengarmy,

How are you guys doing with your life right now? Everything good?
I've been really really busy with my life recently, and guess what?
When I was younger I used to wish that my life could be monotonous
so that I can NOT deal with so many new challenges and changes,
but now I'm totally loving the feeling of waking up to new things.
I've been hanging out with a new group of friends lately, and tbh
it actually feels better than hanging out with old group of friends,
probably because you don't judge each other among new friends.
On the other hand, it's very easy for you to judge each other among
old friends because you think you knew each other so well already.

Anyhow, you guys know how much I love listening to my Spotify
playlist. I've recently upgraded my Spotify account to a premium
one on a 7-day trial, & honestly speaking I'm kinda obsessed with it!
Here's a playlist which consists of all my currently obsessed songs,
that I've made in the midst of all the madness going on in my life.

( PS : Follow me on Spotify if you haven't already !!! )

Speaking of hanging out with my new group of friends,
we've recently had a house-held pizza party and I think
it would be fun to include some of the pictures that I've
snapped during the day and blog about my thoughts on it.

Since we have a 3-hours-break between classes on every Friday,
my classmates (they're THE new group of friends, hahah) and I
decided to utilize this 3 hours to hang out somewhere and chill
before the next class commence. For this week, a pizza party!
We ordered some cheeky Dominos because it's OBVIOUSLY better
than the Pizza Hut. Just saying. Sorry not sorry. No hard feelings.
On top of that, we had a fun jamming session / carpool karaoke
on the way while I called the shotgun and be the DJ Of The Day.


Fun fact : My phone almost dropped directly onto the pizza.

Since it's a house-held pizza party, how could it be completed
without a scary movie ???? We watched a scary movie called
The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and funnily / strangely enough
I actually laughed at the supposedly scariest scene where the
girl who got possessed by 6 demons (correct me if I'm wrong)
screams at the top of her lungs with her combined devil voice!

You can watch it here if you wish, but it might be scary for you.
Watching it back now I actually think it's quite creepy, but trust me
I actually thought it was funny when I watched this scene on Friday!

How's your weekend going so far?
Let me know in the comments!

(even though I'm expecting zero comments, hahah)


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