Hey Zengarmy,

How's your week going so far? So far so good? I hope so.
Even if you're not having the best week so far, cheer up gurl!
Don't you forget that it's only 2 more days until the weekend!
(3 more days for those who live in other countries, still good!)

My life had been pretty hectic lately, considering the fact that
my new semester had just started last week & I had a couple
of music videos to film for my upcoming covers on both my
friend's YouTube channel & mine. I guess that explains why
I was in such a non-bloggy-mood for the last few days.

That said, now that I finally got the time to sit down
and blog about something, I decided to share with you guys
about a pretty interesting incident that happened in my first
Communication Skill class last week. So, for this semester,
I'm taking 4 classes including Introduction to Psychology 2,
Communication Skill, Law & Society, and Malaysian Studies.

And by far Communication Skill is my favorite subject!

So, in the first class, my classmates and I were assigned an activity
which requires us to (1) get a blank paper, (2) paste it on our back
using cellophane tapes, and finally (3) let other classmates write
their first impressions about us on the paper attached to our back.
(Only positive comments are allowed, so no pressure! Pheww!)

A couple of my friends had already did this kind of activity
in their previous programmes, however, it was completely
new for me to let other people write their first impressions
on me (on my back some more)! Not gonna lie, I was a little
bit panic and worried about what other people would write.

And this is what came out in the end ...

Just in case you can't identify certain words, here's what's written :

you have a great voice :)

If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cutecumber

I really really love your voice :D

good good!

Talented ♫

friendly (x3)

talks very soft


Joyful !! (x2)

sweet guy!

Hipster :)

Good Voice.

u sing very well!

Nice smile :) Keep smiling

I was quite shocked in overall, but in a good way.
The word "friendly" was never used to describe me.
I was always that resting-bitch-face whom people avoided.
Yes. I was. This makes me realized how much I've changed
and how much happier I've became in the few recent years.

When you're kind enough to ONLY point out the merit in
other people, you're making them focusing on building
themselves instead of picking on their own weaknesses.
My point is, just please don't be a dick who goes around
pointing out people's weaknesses just because you think
Not saying that weaknesses should never be pointed out,
but please do not take pointing out other people's wrong as
cool thing to do, or use the "I'm just being straightforward"
excuse to shamelessly shield yourself from the responsibilities.

Here's a video that I found quite interesting :) Do have a watch!

Also, before you click out of this blog post,
here's another video about the power of kindness!
Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its
passed from one individual to the next and manages to
boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.

Hope you're having a good day/morning/afternoon/night!
( whatever country you're in, you know the drill! )


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