Hey Zengarmy,

When I first created my Facebook account back in 2009,

(that was 7 years ago. Yes, I am THAT OLD! Do not judge!)
it was an exciting experience where people can just share
whatever the shit they wanted to share without being judged.
However, with more and more social media mushrooming in
the recent years, quickly realized that social media etiquette
differs from platform to platform. You can post the exact same
post on both Facebook & Twitter and literally get 2 completely
different reactions to one post! Have you guys ever experienced
something similar before? Or is it just me? I'm sure I'm not the
only one who underwent this kind of experience in the past!

Anyways, today I'm going to quickly share with you guys
5 things that I've learnt about social media, after almost one
decade of being on most of the social media available out there.

1) It is constantly changing
& will never stay the same

If you think you can get away with using the same hashtags on Instagram
for over a year and still get the same amount of exposure on your account,
maybe you should start to realize that trends come and go. So do hashtags!
I used to think that how hard could running an Instagram account be?
But the key point with running any social media account is to keep up
with the current trend ALL OF THE TIME in order to STAY RELEVANT,
& that, my friend, ain't an easy task to do. It's time & effort consuming!

On the side note, social media developers, with their initial intention of
earning money from both the users & the advertisers, are constantly trying
to come up with more and more seemingly-user-friendly-but-actually-not
tricks in order to, you know, GET THAT MONEY. If you didn't know, I run a page
on Facebook called 经典心理学 (meaning Classical Psychology) where I post
mandarin-based quotes. It's gotten approximately 19K followers in the past 5
years (I can't remember exactly when I started, lol!), which is quite remarkable
considering I didn't even spend a single cent on promoting it. However, to my
concern, the average likes on each of the post on that page is only about 200,
which, if you calculate it, is ONLY ABOUT 1.05% OF MY ENTIRE FOLLOWING.
Did something went wrong? I have no idea. But my current hypothesis is that
Facebook deliberately lowered the exposure of my posts to the users whom
are ALREADY FOLLOWING MY PAGE, in order to make me pay for promoting
my page. I'm not exactly confident with this hypothesis but if it's the truth:

Nice try, Fakebook.

2) Engagement > No. of followers

I used to think that the more the amount of followers you have,
the more likes & comments you'll get, but that's completely wrong!
If you are an advertiser who wants to collaborate with influencial
social media accounts, would you pick an account who has 10K
followers with only an average of 500 likes on every post? OR
would you pick an account with 1K followers and an average of
800 likes on every post? If it was in my case, I would definitely
go with the account with 1K followers because it shows more
affection and connection between the followers and the account.
The 10K account, if you ask me? He/She probably bought all the
followers from some cheap online sites who don't even bother to
leave a like or a comment, let alone engaging with the account.

Some say when your number of followers is huge, even if it's fake,
it will attract other real-in-life accounts to follow your account.
That may be true in the old days when Instagram isn't under Facebook,
but in the most recent Instagram update, Instagram announced on their
blog that they intend to alter the algorithm of the users' feed according to
popularity ("measured" by the amount of likes & comments, not followers)
instead of the timing when you post the photo. In simpler words, this means
that if somebody posted a photo with 100 likes and 5 comments while yours
only gotten 30 likes and 1 comment, even if you both posted simultaneously,
that somebody's photo will show up in your friends' Instagram feed earlier
than your photo. How does this benefit Instagram? You ask. Well, thinking
from another point of view, after this kind of system is being applied,
users who are making a living out of Instagram will naturally be worried
and will demand a greater exposure to their contents. This, my friend,
is when Instagram kicks in and ask the users to pay money in order to
promote their content in order to show up first in the Instagram feed.

That said, all of these could be avoided if you have more engagements,
instead of plenty of followers who will just scroll through your photos.

3) Some people will be jealous
when you've achieved something
(well, some, but not all)

You may not have experienced this before, but in my case,
when I announced something, for example my music video,
my rate of unfollowers will straight up hit the roof once I
posted the announcement on Instagram. I'm pretty sure I
DID NOT use any sensitive or annoying words and hence
I shall explain this phenomenon as some people seeing
me achieving a milestone that they didn't achieve and
they ended up feeling jealous and decided to hit that
unfollow button. This is pretty self-explanatory, I guess.

4) You reap what you sow.

When you do something out of a specific motive,
for example following other accounts and expecting them
to follow back your account, DO NOT expect them to be
your loyal followers who will like and comment on your
photos. THEY WILL NOT. Let me be honest. When you
treat people like an option, they treat you like a choice.

5) When in doubt, watch tutorials

Here's a tutorial that I think is quite useful for both beginners and veteran :

That's all for now! Sorry if you find this blog post too short.
I decided to keep it short and sweet as I didn't want it to be boring heheh!
Anyhow, I hope this blog post AT LEAST gave you some inspiration & help.
Leave a comment if you have any doubts, and I'll see you in my next one!


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