Hey Zengarmy,

As you guys probably all know by now,

I'm a very "kiamsiap" person, (it means stingy in Hokkien)
so needless to say, I seldom spend money on buying fashion items.

who doesn't wanna look good everyday

& take professional photos like a model ?
If you don't, I DO.

One of the methods that I frequently used
to satisfy my fashion craving (without having to spend a penny),
is to drop by a few shops such as H&M, Padini, Topman & Kitschen,
and try out a few outfits that I think will look good on me,
and THEN take some selfies. (typical me)
I know the shopkeeper will probably hate me or curse me,

but whatever lah you only live once mah !!! #YOLO

March & April-so-far had been pretty busy for me,

but unbelievably-but-true I managed to steal some times
& organized a fun-but-awkward "photoshooting session" with my friend, Kiar.
( whom you'll probably know him if you've read my PREVIOUS POST. )
We spent a couple of hours & took a few photos
at a desolated spot outside the school library,

Of course we took SOME OTHER ARTSY PHOTOS lah ...
( because taking the normal hello-I-am-standing-here photos are TOO MAINSTREAM haha )

O U T F I T :

T O P :
Light blue denim long sleeve from H&M
Black T-shirt from Adidas

B O T T O M :
Light grey short khaki shorts from Brands Outlet
Black canvas shoes with light brown details from Factorie

A C C E S S O R I E S :
Plain black baseball cap with white stars details from Brands Outlet

P H O T O  E F F E C T :
" Themes >> Sweetheart >> Hand Tint >> Blue "

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ *:- ✧

Now, I never thought that I would own a denim shirt or anything close to it,
because any clothes made from high quality denim are often VERY expensive.
But THIS light blue denim long sleeves ( or should I say MINE? )
is really a good bargain which only cost me like about RM50 !!!

For the black Adidas t-shirt wise,
I think it kinda adds another texture to my whole look,
and makes me feeling really comfy all day long kerkerker.
Not to forget the light grey short khaki shorts is also another fashion-must-have too,
any guy can basically pull off his look by wearing a pair of neutral colored khakis.
(any black, white, grey and beige colored khakis will NEVER fail your look, trust me.)

As for the shoes,
I decided to keep it really simple by pairing with my trustworthy canvas shoes.
(I'm also a fan of Converse but I didn't wear mine that day hahahaha)
For the final touch up, what's better than a baseball cap ??
I got mine from Brands Outlet,
and for those of you who have the same problem I'm facing : small heads,
you can always go & have a look at the kids' section & maybe you'll find YOUR SIZE !!!
(PS: I didn't wear my cap in the pictures because I've styled my hair)

You think that's all for my April Lookbook ?
NO !!!
Of course not.

So, on ANOTHER day,
I decided to go window-shopping with my friend, Kiar, AGAIN.
(you can probably tell that we're shopping "kakis" (buddies) by now.)
Usually I'm sibeh good at giving advice to Kiar on what he should wear & buy,
so being a good friend as he is,
he decided to buy me some clothes as a thank-you-gift in return ;)

Kiar, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!!!

We ended up idling through a few high-street shop like Zara and FINDING NOTHING.
Oh my God can you believe this ?!!!
Usually when I'm in NOT in the mood of buying clothes,
my ideal clothes would KEEP ON APPEARING like mushrooms after rain;
but when I WANT to buy clothes,
my ideal clothes just VANISHED into thin air magically !!!
(tell me I'm not the only one.)

However, I did find something cute from Topman
& wanted to share with you guys :

Sorry for the cat face though, I like to play around with my photo editing apps.

Although this sweater looks kinda baggy on my skinny-thin-figure,
(it doesn't appear in picture but it DOES appear in real life)
I love the black line details on the sweater !!!
Sadly I didn't buy this sweater in the end, anyway.

But then we went on to H&M and found THIS :

Leave a comment below if you think I NAILED my photo editing skills !!!

Okay. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the FINE DETAILS on this shirt ?!
The designer who created this pattern are insanely creative !!!
Just when I was at a hesitated situation of trying to decide whether should I buy this,
something ridiculously rational came up my mind AT FULL FORCE :
"If I bought this shirt, would I even dare to wear it?"
I mean, look at the details on this shirt !!!
It's beautiful, but a little bit too fancy for my daily routine, which includes :
waking up, going to classes, going off classes, going for meals & tucking up in my bed.
(I basically have NO life.)

And for once again,

But it's actually not that miserable,
I eventually had my eyes on two pieces of cardigans from Forever 21,
( Yes. Forever 21 do sell MEN clothes. )
and happily bought it using Kiar's cash,
( I'm the worst fashion blogger, ever!!! )

But no worries,
the two cardigans I picked are black & grey,
and they're really just basic cardigans BUT with slightly elongated bottom,
which make them really easy to pull off with any style :)
You can either wear them on their own,
or layer them with white long sleeves inside.

That's probably all for now.
I really hope you find this kind of "fashion-related" blog post fun to read :)
Well, you know, I seldom write about fashion on my blog.
Let me know in the comments if you would like to read more of these type of posts.

Till next time, Zengarmy.

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