Hey Zengarmy,

Do you ever feel the urge to customize EVERYTHING around you ?
That happens to me almost ALL THE TIME, I'm not even kidding.
I love creating new stuff, I live to create !!!

The thing with DIY (Do It Yourself) is,
you don't have to be very good at drawing,
you just need to be a little bit more imaginative,
A little bit good in mimicking other drawings,
A little bit patient & meticulous,
And maybe even a little bit crazy.

Speaking of that, today's blog post is a really fun one.
I am going to show you how to customize your OWN phone casing :)
HOOOOOORAAAAAY !!! Let's get started.

[ S T E P  1 ]

Okay, first thing's first (I'm the realest, lolz),
you clearly need to prepare a clear phone casing.
You can either get those which are FULLY transparent,
or you can get those which are a few shades darker.
( I'm using the one which is few shades darker )

I'd recommend you to use a mechanical pencil instead of regular pencil,
just because it's more precise when it comes to sculpting & outlining.
SOFT eraser is also recommended, you don't want ANY harsh marks left, trust me.
As for ruler? It's optional. You can either use them or don't.
I personally didn't use the ruler, I just put there for illustration purpose kerkerker.

[ S T E P  2 ]

Next, by using a mechanical pencil,
gently (I mean VERY gently) outline your phone casing on a piece of A4 paper.
Push your phone casing lightly onto the A4 paper and start outlining.
You don't want ANY harsh pencil mark as your outline,
but for the sake of this blog post, I used photoshop to add on dots
so that you can see the finished outline.

[ S T E P  3 ]

Moving on, the things you'll need in Step 3 are :
a pair of scissors, a cutter, and anything that has hard cover.
I'm using a telephone book that I don't need anymore,
but you can use basically anything that can withstand cuts.
( PS : I used wood before, not a good option )
[ S T E P  4 ]

It's cutting time !!!
Use the scissors to carefully cut out the phone casing outline from the A4 paper,
then, extra-carefully, use the cutter to cute the holes in the middle.
Your cutter SHOULD BE AS SHARP AS POSSIBLE, so that the lines can be cleanly cut.
Remember to be extra careful !!!!!!
I swear my finger got cut by the cutter once or twice when I first started doing this.

After doing so, it's time to fill in the colours.
You can choose to print out certain patterns that you've found online,
but I personally prefer drawing the pattern myself.
(of course based on patterns that I've found online)

[ S T E P  5 ]

There's NO Step 5, hahahahahaha.

Oh wait ... actually there might be Step 5,

because you have to insert the pattern paper
into the inside of your phone casing :)

Your pattern paper should fit in nicely if the size is correct.

If not ...... SORRY you have to go back to Step 2 hahaha.

That's all for now.

Leave your comments below if you tried this out :)

I would love to see your design !!!

Till next time, Zengarmy.

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