Hey Zengarmy,

I'm currently writing this blog post in a considerably furious mood.
If you're new to my blog (hello!), I think you ought to read some of my
previous interesting encounters with the haters on my YouTube channel:



(ps : they're quite fun to read)

Ahem. So. Where do I start?

I don't want to disclose too much information here
because this story involves another friend of mine,
and in NO WAY did I write this blog post to make fun
of him because OBVIOUSLY I was one of the victim too.

So, the story begins when my friend posted a video on
his YouTube channel featuring me in that particular video.
The views were doing great, and there were not a single hate
comment on that video because apparently we put in quite a lot
of effort into producing that video. However, unfortunately, some
mentally retarded haters decided to destroy the peace yesterday.
How do I know they're mentally retarded? Well, (1) they don't even
have the BALLS to put up their real photos as their profile pictures,
and (2) they named their accounts after celebrities' names, such as
"Zayn", "rexha", "Kendall", "Jake", and some other stupid names called
"paradasie" and "maximilliom", which make completely no sense at all.

Not going to go into full details about how many unnecessary dislikes
and hate comments we've got on that video in just one night's time,
but I'm going to choose a couple of hate comments to respond here,
since the comments had been deleted by my friend as soon as he saw
them. Btw, I don't really encourage the act of replying to hate comments
because if you replied to them, you're actually giving them the pleasure
of thinking that they've managed to successfully make you feel bad about
yourself. However, the reason I'm writing this blog post today is to show you
how I would respond to these mindless people if I had the extra time to do so.

Ready? Get set. Go! 

( random alphabets will be used to replace the haters' names. )

X : " He is Chinese, short tongued. "

I was actually kinda amused when I saw this comment.
Apparently this motherfucker-son-of-bitch (I bet s/he's 13)
was trying to be all racist and wanted to point out the fact that
my English pronunciation is not on fleek, in a childishly rude way.

Okay first of all, why don't you try and speak Chinese if you're
OH-SO PARTICULAR about that fucking English pronunciation of mine?
I AM a Chinese, and English is not my first language, and I don't need YOU
to remind me of that by insulting the entire Chinese race and stereotyping
all the Chinese as "short tongued" abnormal human beings. Why don't you
try & use your mentally retarded mind and poor little mini zombie brain to
do some research on how difficult and complicated the Chinese language is?
Why don't you try and speak Chinese & not sound like a complete fucking idiot?

I'm honestly very worried for your future, X.

Y : " The guy in the white hoodie is funny.
He looks like a deflated balloon. "

Okay 100% for your creativity. I think Y was trying to point out the fact that
my hoodie is a bit bigger than my skinny body, in a way that nobody else
except for only him would think it's funny. Why don't you go and look into
the mirror yourself, huh, Y? Stop using that "oh I'm entitled to my opinion"
fucking shitty excuse to cover the obvious fact that you're just an insecured
asshole that was trying SO HARD to make people feel bad about themselves.

You're welcome, Y. Good luck for your future, if there's any left ;)

Z : " OMG you delete my comments?
How unprofessional "

This comment actually came from a very resilient hater
who just can't shut the fuck up even after my friend deleted
his/her comments. It actually lightens my heart to see this person
wasting so much of his time hating on me and my friend, when he/she
can move on with life. "OMG I deleted YOUR hate comments and I'm being
unprofessional by blocking hate on MY OWN fucking video???" Seriously tho,
have you taken your schizophrenia pills this morning, my dear? Please do so if you
haven't :) FYI, this is my friend's video and he owns the very right to do whatever
he wants with this video, which conveniently included deleting hate comments
from mentally retarded haters. We know how to differentiate hate comments
from constructive criticism. And your comment, Z, is definitely a hateful one.

I really hope you're still wasting your time trying to leave a hate comment, Z.

Anyways, here's an inspiring video about how we shouldn't comment on
other people's appearances because that's seriously none of our business.
And I thought it resonates with today's topic quite well :) Do have a watch!

The only purpose you were serving by 
telling them that YOU DON'T LIKE THAT
DRESS is to make the other person feel bad
/ is to bring them down. And it's not okay.

So, you can have that opinion,
And don't buy that dress.


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