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Hey Zengarmy,

I was just chatting with my friend & I think it's safe to conclude that
we're both equally astonished (not exaggerating) at HOW FREAKING

Also, before I forget, if you're interested to read my #2015bestnine

post for last year (for some particular strange reason), you can go
ahead and click HERE to read that (the link opens up in new tab!).

For those of you who are not sure about what #2016bestnine means,
it basically sums up 9 of your MOST LIKED photos from your Instagram
account in 2016! You can go over to www.2016bestnine.com to auto-
generate your very own "final year report" from Instagram hahahaha!

If you have been following my blog for a while (mwah!), then you'll
definitely know that I've had an extreme love-hate relationship with
Instagram for the past year. I've blogged about multiple rants on how
Instagram is quickly becoming a medium limited to only professional
photographers (eg. if you post some slightly low quality photos that
are not HD your followers count will straightaway drop to the hell)
& how volatile (literally) most of the Instagram users are becoming
(eg. if you post something out of your usual aesthetic — you guess it
— some followers will be like aiya why spoil my feed lemme unfollow).

ps: the rules above don't apply if you have a pretty face or hot body.
I personally have NONE of those so I was put at a great disadvantage.

At one point I was SO PISSED BY INSTAGRAM that I started doing this
routine where I block people who unfollowed me whenever I posted
a new photo. I mean, if you HATE MY PHOTOS for whatever fucking
reason, let me just do you a kind favor by making sure you'll NEVER
EVER see my photos for the rest of your life ;) That routine kept me
from deleting the Instagram app hahah I would 100% recommend it!

Don't even try me, bitch.

On the brighter side of my love-hate relationship with Instagram,
I've learned to really focus on my niche & communicate with my
real followers via the content I've created. I used to love posting
selfies (we all went through that stage so don't even pretend you
didn't), but lately I've been focusing on creating more aesthetically
pleasing photos that coordinate with one another, instead of faces
of myself that show nothing but photoshopping skills & narcissism.
(honestly, no offense to selfie lovers hahah you do you gurl/boy)
If you can easily get likes using your face, then you shouldn't really
be bothered about creating an aesthetic for your Instagram because
what your followers are after is your face & not some scenery shots.


Alright, without further ado, let's walk down the memory lane
and go through every single each of my #2016bestnine, haha!
(also, if you're not interested at all, this is exactly the perfect
timing to skip this post hahahahaha go on then if you want to)

A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on
A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on
A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on
A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on
A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on
A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on
A photo posted by ZENG TECK 🌙 センテック (@zengteck) on

I'm aware that 4 out of 9 of my most liked Instagram pictures consist of my hands,
which is kind of sad (and creepy) to some extent heheheh but I'm really happy with
all of the content I've put up on my Instagram account this year! Now, before you
ONLY MY SAMSUNG PHONE (i think this speaks a lot by itself) & NOT SOME FANCY
CAMERA THAT A LOT OF INSTAGRAMMERS USED. I think I deserve a piece of cookie!

At the same time as you're reading this post, I'm culminating another more-wordy
post that wraps up all of my thoughts and feelings for 2016. So if you're a fan of
my wordy blog posts, you best bet there will be another post by the end of this
year (which is like, 5 more days left for 2016 hahah) for you to look forward to!

How are you spending the last few days
of 2016? Let me know in the comments!
I'm probably going to spend them binge-
watching Netflix, not gonna lie hahahah!


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