A B O U T .

Welcome to my blog! Humans!

Okay. First of all, high-five to those of you who actually clicked on
this "About" section, which I've put in quite some effort to polish it.
Since you've chosen to click into this section, I assume that you're
curious about who I am, where did I come from, and all those stuff.

So, here's a little self-introduction from me :

My name is Zeng Teck. You can just call me Zéng if you wish.
(cause I know my full name is SOOOOOO hard to be pronounced)
Born and raised in my hometown Malaysia since the year of 1996,
my enthusiasm towards music and all things creative (& colorful)
has been fueling me throughout all of my life so far — including
the time when I was deeply depressed & suicidal when I was 16.

Now. Here's a short history about my life so far.

I've always been the quiet and easily forgotten one (I still am)
— until I decided to embrace my weirdness & created my own
online community whom I called Zengarmy (the CRINGE, lol),
when I was scrolling through blogs after blogs at one July night
in 2014. I decided to give it a shot and see where it brings me,
not knowing that it was a therapeutic journey to my lonely life.
My life — that is once shattered & depressed  was reborn in
July 2014, when I posted my first ever blog post, along with my
YouTube channel, where I make vlogs and cover songs I love.
With over 330K of pageviews on this blog, I basically post about a
bajillion topics on this blog (I post whatever I want tbh)including:

Reviews, Lifestyle, Tips, Arts,
Thoughts, Food, Fashion & Music.

In simpler words, I'm a lifestyle blogger who occasionally dabbles in
the world of YouTube. I'm currently in a Psychology degree programme
in Sunway University, and I am loving every second of it! Once in college,
I started blogging as a hobby & soon I've been blogging-obsessed ever since!
If you enjoyed the contents that I've been creating so far, please don't forget to
follow & subscribe to my blog & YouTube channel & my other social media :) :) :)



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