F A Q .

Q : What Camera do you use to take your photos ?
I use my smartphone to take blog pictures (very unimpressive I know haha)
But I'll use free online photoshopping websites such as www.befunky.com
to enhance the overall effect of my blog pictures. I mostly just edit the exposure.

Q : What program do you use to edit your photos ?
I mostly just use www.befunky.com if I'm on my computer,
& Picsart, Photogrid, Catwang, Photowonder on my smartphone,
PS : I'm not using any Apple products. (aka NO Macbook & IPhone)

Q : How did you create your banner ?
I used Picmonkey to cut and stick different images together. It's pretty simple.
One thing that I've learned over the past years is that LESS IS MORE. You'll realize
that if you try to put everything nice into one single canvas, it won't look good.
My advice? Create different banners at one time, and interchange it over time.

Q : What camera do you use to film your videos ?
Same as the formula for all of my blog pictures, (because I'm so lazy)
I use my smartphone to record (so the quality is quite bad hahaha)
& Windows Movie Maker + YouTube editor to edit my footage.

Q : Who designed your layout ? 
I designed my entire blog myself! (with some help from online tutorials, of course)
One of the websites that I definitely recommend reading for blogging design tips,
is www.icanbuildablog.com (Google really makes designing a blog a lot more easier)

Q : What made you start a blog ?
Back in 2014, I started watching YouTube vlogs
and learning all kinds of new things from various YouTubers,
I remember I started watching Michelle Phan and Zoella,
and they both had blogs alongside their videos. 
Being very shy and not at all confident, 
I decided that the best way to transform myself is to
make YouTube videos and start a blog myself,
 just to sing & write about something I loved.
So in July 2014, I created "Z E N G T E C K". ☺

Q : How do you get people to read and follow your blog ?
When I first started my blog, I think in the first few months,
I only gained about 1 follower, and he/she certainly didn't just appear overnight.
I would read and comment on other blogs (personal comments not my blog link)
& eventually more people would hop on over and join. I also joined twitter,
and started following other bloggers and becoming part of the blogging community.
Chatting to others who enjoyed the same things as me, and making friends. 
If you are putting in the effort, people will find you. It's taken me SO LONG
to get to the point I am at today. I know it may be frustrating to those of you
who have written a few posts and feel as if nobody is listening, but nobody
was listening to me at one point either. It's important to just enjoy each
aspect of blogging. The ideas, the photography, the editing, the writing,
and the satisfaction it brings you when you hit the "publish" button. 
Good things come to those who wait, so just remember that when you
feel like smashing your head on your keyboard because you don't have
all the followers you wish you had. Blogging should be fun, and extension
of you and the things you love! if it isn't fun, and you aren't enjoying it
or getting any satisfaction out of it, then maybe it's just not your scene. 
You also have to remember that not everybody reading your blog will
be following you with google friend connect or bloglovin, or hellocotton. 
They may be subscribed via email, or simply just have your website bookmarked. 
The vast majority of my readers are not followers at all (just something to keep in mind). 
Have fun, make efforts & get involved & I'm sure you'll get followers/readers in no time.

Q : I need help creating a blog name,
can you think of anything?
I would love to have the time and the imagination to help you come up with a blog name, 
but unfortunately I have neither. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so pick something
unique that's personal to you. Things you love? Things that inspire you? A quote maybe? 
The possibilities are endless (as long as someone else hasn't already snapped it up).

Q : I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel
but I'm worried about what people will think of me
or if I will get teased. Do you have any advice?
If you desperately want to make videos, and it's something you think you might enjoy, 
just do it & don't care about what anyone else thinks. Do they have the guts to make a 
video and upload it for the world to see? no? Well, then what do they know?! ;)
Do things FOR YOU and not for anyone else. Don't let anyone else's immaturity
spoil your fun. Most people don't understand YouTube and if that's the case,
let them wallow in their own ignorance. You also don't have to publish it to
your personal social networking sites if you really don't want anyone finding out. 
Don't link it anywhere and don't tell anyone (unless of course you trust them)
and it will be almost impossible for people to just "stumble upon you". 
YouTube is like an ocean full of millions of fish (except the fish are videos)
If you make a couple of videos and decide you don't like it or want to do it anymore,
then that's fine too. You gave it a go! (p.s. If you are under the age of 16 and you're 
asking me this question, make sure it's okay with your parents that you start making 
videos on YouTube, just in case they absolutely despise the idea of you making videos!)

Q : I'm stuck for what to film my first YouTube video on! 
Do you have any ideas for me?
When I did my first YouTube video, I wasn't really expecting many people to see it,
& I just filmed myself singing Ed Sheeran's The A Team, alone in my college's hostel.
For my first proper "sit down" video, I think I did a "Wake Up With Me" vlog,
which didn't require too many talking (just editing and a bit of music).
I think it's best to do something that you will feel comfortable with.
I was very shy when I first started on YouTube, and even now I wouldn't
say that I'm 100% comfortable talking to a camera, knowing that random
people are going to see it. But it gets easier over time after a few trials.
Maybe a "What's In My Bag" video? (just show & tell) or a "20 Facts About Me"
tag video?  So that new viewers will get a chance to know all about you!



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