Hey Zengarmy,

I want to first start off this blog post by saying that :

This is going to be a super short blog post without much words
because I just want to share with you guys the songs that I've been
loving to the moon and back & jamming to every time I'm alone :)

It literally feels like just a few weeks ago when I first started
planning the content for this blog post back in March this year.
HOW crazy is THAT?? I swear time is the fastest moving thing in the world.
Okay. Where was I again? March. The idea of this blog post started in March 2015
when I was leisurely scrolling through my Spotify playlist and thought :
Hey, why don't I put all of my absolute favorite songs in a playlist starting
from now and share it with my blog readers at the end of the year?
It would be a good recap on what I've been loving all along this year!

So ... here's the playlist! Enjoy!

Yeap. This playlist has 105 songs in it &
 is 6 hours and 13 minutes long.
There're actually so much more songs but I had to cut it down to this
size because otherwise it would be a HELL LONG PLAYLIST!
It took me 3 hours to just pick and choose & arrange all of these songs!
Take note that there's a lot of Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Jepsen action
going on in this playlist because those two are my music-go-to's this year haha.
Hope you enjoy this playlist! I'll see you very soon in my next blog post :) Bye!

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