Hey Zengarmy,

 Disclaimer : This post is SUPPOSED to be going up 

 yesterday but I wasn't physically available around 
 my laptop yesterday (I was literally out all day) 
 and I'm an idiotic blogger who dislikes the idea 
 of scheduling blog post so... yeah, here you go! 
 Just read this blog post as if it was published 
 yesterday when it was still my birthday (lol). 
 Well, on second thought, today is technically 
 still my birthday in some other countries other 
 than Malaysia so technically I'm not too late! 

The clock is ticking to 12 a.m. (of 15 October 2016) as I'm writing this,
which marked today as my twentieth years ALIVE on this planet Earth!
(PS : for those of you who can't get my joke, today is my birthday!)

I am officially 20!!! Arghhh!!!

Does it feel anything particularly special to be reaching 20 years old?
To be completely honest, NO. Reaching 20 years old doesn't make me

feel anything special, other than the fact that I'm becoming older and
disqualified from the teenager category. Yeah, how sad is that?? From
now on, when people ask me if I'm a teenager, "no" should be my only
answer until the end of my life. People will start treating me like an
adult, even though I'm not and I don't want to admit being an adult.
To me, "20 years old" feels like a death sentence to my willfulness.

Anyhow, that's not the main point of this blog post.

In today's post I wanted to share with you guys 20 life lessons
I've learned throughout my 20 years of life, which I've been
wanting to do since last year (when I was 19) but decided
to wait until I'm 20 so that I can be more convincing now
that I'm a fully legal adult (externally not internally).

Which quote is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments!
Don't forget to share this post
with your friends if one of the
quotes hit you hard in the heart!


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