Hey Zengarmy,

I want to firstly start this post by saying thank you. 
Thank you to those of you who have stood by me 
through everything I've done these past months being on YouTube, 
those of you who don't judge me & understand me for who I am.
Thank you.

I'm so overwhelmed by emotions today.
I woke up very early today,
and as I was randomly checking my e-mail box,
I found a message from my blog reader.

P.S. : 
Decided to cover up the name for privacy reason.

I started this blog in March as a place to share my thoughts, and it was fun. 
It was my hobby, my little space on the internet,
with an amazing community around me full of happiness and positivity. 
Let's fast forward to today. 
I have a YouTube channel with over 50 subscribers.
It's not a great deal of number,
but I'm grateful for each & everyone of you.

You know what ?
I didn't even expect I would get more than 10 subscribers at first, hahaha.
I swear to God I'm as boring as dish water.
And I have to fake an American accent so that I would sound more attractive.
LOLZ hahaha, I certainly sounded more awkward than attractive.
I can't even bare to watch my own videos after I've uploaded them.
But then,
I started seeing people leaving positive comments at my videos.
That makes me very happy, and surprised at the same time.

Sometimes I would question myself :
" I'm not good-looking. Why do people even watch me singing & talking ? "

But I was obviously thinking too much.
Not all people judge books by covers.

It's the positive feedback after my first YouTube video,
that keeps me making videos until today.
And I found that I'm actually pretty enjoying it.
It feels nice to have a platform to express yourself.

If I were to give somebody a life lesson,
I would tell him/her that :
The only person you should try to be better than,
is the person you were yesterday.
People who like you, would like you no matter what.
People who dislike you, would continue to dislike you,
no matter how much you've changed yourself for them.

If you're reading this message as a teenager,
please resort to never try to fit in, to be one of those cool kids.
It doesn't matter how 'geeky', how 'popular', how 'pretty', 
how 'perfect' or 'imperfect' someone is. 
We are all human. We are all flesh and blood. 
We are all a 'unique' version of one another. 
At the end of the day, we are all the same when it comes down to it. 
Nobody is superior.

The heart wants what it wants.
Follow it, you would not regret.

“You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.” - C.S. Lewis

I read this quote earlier this week and I had to sit back for a little while, 
in the chair of my hostel room, looking at it on the screen,
and sat for a moment in pondering silence. 

We, human beings, constantly talk about finding soulmates, 
soul searching and doing what makes our soul happy, 
but then we also harp on about calories, 
how many pounds we’ve shed or gained, 
how frizzy our hair is, how much our nail beds suck… 

There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to look your best. 
Having an opinion on how you look 
and wanting to change things about your appearance isn’t a bad thing. 
It becomes a bad thing when it consumes our lives and we forget about our souls. 
Our body is just the casing. 
It’s the wrapper on the chocolate bar. 
It’s paper on the birthday presents. 
It’s the bit that we coat in make-up, tattoos, pretty clothes, jewelry and hairspray,
to make ourselves feel more at home in our own skin. 

But what’s the point in decorating a house if no one lives there ? 
What’s the point in an exciting wrapper if the chocolate bar tastes like crap ? 
Why wrap up a present in ribbons and paper if there’s nothing in the box ? 
It’s our soul that is the most important thing. 
If our souls aren’t happy then it doesn’t matter how great our shells look. 
If we aren’t happy, that unhappiness will seep through that shell,
no matter how much we try to hide it. 
On the flip side, if we don’t think our bodies look the best, 
our happy soul will shine through that shell regardless, 
and you’ll glow far brighter than the people, 
who have glammed up their shells to the max but whose souls lay forgotten, 
shrivelled and dying on the inside. 

You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body. Do with your body what you wish. 
It’s your body after all and it’s hugely important but it’s home to your soul. 
You don’t decorate the fish bowl with plants, pebbles, 
and models of castles and treasure chests, and let the fish die, do you ?
 So decorate as much as you wish but make sure you feed the fish!

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