Hey Zengarmy,

I watched《Insidious 1》back when I was in secondary school,
and I made a vow to never watch the franchise anymore
because it's terrifying and a little bit mentally disturbing for me.
However, I believe that vows are made to be broken, (so do rules)
hence I made a brave decision to watch《Insidious : Chapter 3》this morning.

S T R A N G E    E N O U G H ,
It was a mixture of horror, sentiment, and humor.

( I would give this movie an 7.3 out of 10 )

Although I didn't watch the Chapter 2 of Insidious,
I more or less learned the plot and the character from my friends,
( and a little help from the Internet, of course. )
and I know that the Chapter 2 already had an ending,
so I was pretty excited for what's coming up with the Chapter 3.

Turns out, Chapter 3 is brilliant !!!

The story happened way before the Lambert family in Chapter 1 & 2,
which is a little bit weird but it's acceptable.

This time, it is the Brenner family.

This is one of the creepiest scenes in the movie :
The "Knock-knock-Are-You-There?" Game ...
Does that scare you? HAHAHAHAHAHA

So now we have the third, and final installment,
ending the notorious "Insidious" franchise.
We are now; instead of continuing, but backtracking.
Turning into an interesting, spin-off-like installment.

Now, if you know this franchise well,
you'll know that there are jump scares, but good ones, necessary ones.
With that being said, the jump scares here are quite effective,
leading to extremely high audience tension.
This film will send many audiences on a white-knuckle,
teeth biting ride, of which you only await the next scare,
sometimes letting you down, thinking ones coming,
sometimes succeeding, and executing.
Either way, the scares are nothing less then effective,
giving the audience high tension, and fright all around.

Now for the acting of the movie.
The acting, of which builds up for a truly scary movie is needed,
believable acting is 100% necessary.
In this movie, the acting was well played.
Each character, some seen in the previous chapters played a solid performance.
Most characters in other horror movies do so over the top, or shallow.
The characters here pulled their actions off solid.
Leaving it successful, and all of which paying off quite smoothly.
The main character of this movie (the girl who looks like Selena Gomez),
did a good job in portraying her character, which is surprising for a new actor.

Finally, the entire build up of this spin-off-like installment, the plot.
I feel as if the plot works for what it is.
It offers new opportunities for new scares,
as well as new opportunities for new character development,
as well as bigger tension.
The plot also offers a pleasant surprise with comedy,
offering some dark comedic lines of which the entire audience can relate too.
All successfully falling into bounds with the movie.

I actually laughed out loud when Elise said:
when she's fighting one of the ghosts that swears to kill her.

▲ I especially love the 2 newly introduced characters !!!
(first & second starting from the right)

In a nutshell,《Insidious: Chapter 3》was terrifying,
offering many well-timed scares that gave the audience huge amounts of tension.
It also executes some hilarious dark comedy that lightens the audience.
This movie was a pleasant installment, successful in what it's duty was.
I'd recommend it to horror fans looking for a new, scary, yet fully film.
It has large amounts of quality, and smart, spin - off like decisions.
In conclusion, a great horror flick.

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