Hey Zengarmy,

Since so many of you guys seem to like my last music review on The Mowgli's,

I thought I would do another music review/recommendation for you guys.
So, today, as the title suggests, my recommendation is Kodaline !!!

Some of you guys might have known Kodaline from the TFIOS movie,
where their song "All I Want" is featured as one of the movie soundtrack.
( I discovered A LOT of new songs from movie soundtrack, it's a good way )
As for me, I discovered Kodaline when I was reading Daphne Charice's blog.

One of their first few songs that captivated me is, yes, "High Hopes".

This music video REALLY MADE ME GO ALL CRAZY for this band.

The first time I watched it, I had a good-15-minutes-crying-session, hahaha.
Get ready your tissues, you might need them.

I just can't have enough of this band's songs.

They are so sentimental and beautiful at the same time,
and the lyrics will just stab your heart like a sharp knife.
It's ...... simply magical !!!

Having said that,
their typical-up-to-beat band songs are also GOOD !!!
One of them is definitely "Love Like This".

AND MORE ......


Fortunately, their live performance is also on par with their studio recordings.
How could I NOT love this band ?!! OMG !!!

Okay. I should stop here.
Till next time, Zengarmy.

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